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About Us is a product comparison and review website that focuses on batteries for various devices and gadgets. Launched in June 2019, the site features detailed and unbiased information that helps readers make well-informed buying decisions when shopping online for top-quality batteries. The site was created with the aim of making it one of the web’s most reliable guides for buyers looking for helpful recommendations on batteries for vehicles, generators, lawn mowers, solar setups, and other battery-powered devices.

The product reviews and buyer guides published on are borne out of several hours of research, comparison, and analysis of real buyer opinions. And top recommendations are never influenced by tempting prices, or innovative features that aren’t really important to the user.

Rather, the site’s content strongly focuses on factors that address the buyer’s needs and offer them huge value over the long haul. These factors vary from battery to battery. The managing team understands the brutal damage that recommending inferior products can do to the site’s image, so a lot of effort it put into ensuring that only top-quality batteries are recommended to the reader.

To keep the site running, the site is monetized through Amazon affiliate links that are sprinkled within its content. So, when the reader clicks on any of these links and proceeds to make a purchase on Amazon’s website, an amount is earned as commission — depending on the product category and price. Commissions earned this way are used to maintain the site and pay the research team for their efforts. These commissions do not in any way influence our product recommendations, and we do not have any links whatsoever with any battery manufacturer. So, there is no incentive to prompt us to recommend low-quality options.