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best 650 cca batteries

Best 650 CCA Batteries: Top 3 Picks for 2021

Most cars require batteries that provide low to moderate starting power. This explains why most mini SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and other small vehicles come with batteries with cold-cranking amps ratings (that’s the measure of battery starting power) ranging between 500 and 750. In this post, we’d be reviewing some of the best 650 CCA batteries […]

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best batteries for ford f250 f350

5 Best Batteries for Ford F250 & Ford F350 (2021)

The Ford F250 and F350 are heavy-duty trucks with systems. This explains why they are powered by bigger and stronger batteries than what obtains with smaller vehicles. Typically, both vehicles run on group size 65 batteries, which are made specifically for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. In this post, we’d be looking at some of […]

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best group u1 battery

5 Best Group U1 Batteries (2021 Review)

Group U1 batteries are among the most popular BCI group sizes. These specialized batteries are generally used in lawnmowers, golf carts, small marine engines, mobility scooters, and other machines that are powered by mini engines. They are smaller than regular car batteries, typically measuring around 8.3 inches (L) x 5.1 inches (W) x 7.25 inches […]

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best batteries for trolling motor

7 Best Batteries for Trolling Motor (Minn Kota, etc.)

One of the most important parts of your fishing boat is its battery. While marine batteries generally tend to be expensive, there’s no way around getting a new one when the need arises. And it’s not something you want to skimp on unless you want to start having days when you’d end your fishing plans […]

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best batteries for toyota camry

4 Best Batteries for Toyota Camry (2021 Review)

It is amazing how people overlook their car batteries. This power component is a major determinant of how well you will enjoy your car. Without a sound battery, your Toyota Camry cannot provide you a smooth driving experience. So, when it’s time to replace the battery in your Toyota Camry, your best bet is to […]

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best 1000 cca battery

3 Best 1000 CCA Batteries for Marine & Trucks (2021)

1000 CCA batteries have high starting power than other batteries on the market. This explains why they’re widely used in marine engines and heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks. In this post, we’d be reviewing some of the best batteries with 1000 CCA or higher cold-cranking amps ratings. Best 1000 CCA Batteries: Our Top Recommendations While […]

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best battery for toyota rav4

4 Best Batteries for Toyota RAV4 (2021 Review)

Even though Toyotas “run forever”, their batteries don’t. So, if you own a RAV 4 and its battery has run out, you need to hit the market for a replacement battery. But you’ll quickly realize that there are many options in the market and the options can be confusing and overwhelming. In this guide, however, […]

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